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Creating Your Dream Dress

Finding your perfect wedding dress is definitely one of the most stressful things a bride has to go through! Here is an example of one bride who felt pressured and indecisive about a dress for the big day. As a result, she came to us and we helped create her dream dress… Freja Designer Dressmaking is one of the best wedding dress designers and dressmakers! It stood out from all others in the industry for many reasons. These were Mette’s fantastic customer service, her amazing creativity, and of course her simply stunning designs! Mette first welcomed me and my mum…

Nicaraguan and Scottish Wedding

Beautiful Nicaraguan and Scottish Wedding Natalia had so so many things organised for her absolutely epic barn wedding in Knockraich of Fintry. However, she didn’t have her dress organised – I think we started with only about 7 weeks to go. Natalia was hugely involved, she really has an eye for design and details. Natalia’s mum is from Nicaragua, the ideas and designs Natalia was going for had a real Latin feel to them. The venue was dressed from top to tail the day before by the bride and groom, their families and anyone who cared to help (which was…

Romantic Wedding dress for Castle Wedding

 Edinburgh Castle Wedding I hope I don’t upset anyone by saying that when Natalie came to see me the first time, she already had a dress. She was pressured to buy the dress in a shop and this resulted in her disliking the dress.  They said to her, “if you don’t buy today you will not have a dress for your wedding”. After the rushed decision, she decided the dress wasn’t for her. She really wanted to wear something special she had chosen. She came to see me with some lovely stylish photographs she had chosen from Pinterest. We chose a…

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